All information in English: Harbour Games 2018 – Anti-capitalist action rally on 23 June.

Call to action: Join the Harbour Games 2018!

Enter the port – exit capitalism: Coal handling, agricultural industry, arms manufacturers, transportation of nuclear material, neocolonial dumping price exports – these are just some of the many devastating aspects of global capitalist trade, which the port of Hamburg is part of. It is by far the largest German overseas port and a symbol of the globally ruling, deeply unjust system of exploitation, exclusion, expropriation and destruction. Continue reading…


Background: Let’s stop exploitation and fight for justice!

The port of Hamburg is not only the city’s landmark, but also an international transshipment point where radioactive materials, energy commodities that are harmful to the climate, deadly arms, animal “products” and many other goods are handled. Therefore, it is also a junction where global social injustice, the destruction of the environment and exploitation come together. Let us unite and explore how to get active and oppose the destructive conditions of capitalism. Continue reading…


Join us in action: Programme and FAQ

On 23 June we will enter the port of Hamburg for our joint action rally. We will try to create a powerful political action with activists from various social struggles as well as enable protests at different sites of the harbour using different forms of action. To give you a better impression of what will await you on June 23 here is some important information beforehand.

Ahead of action

  • There will be several preliminary meetings resp. mobilization events where we will inform you about the current plan and we can discuss questions. Current dates are to be found via News and Dates.
  • If you are interested to inform about the event at your meetings, neighbourhood cafés or bar evenings, you would like to host a mobilization event or to distribute information material, contact us.
  • You can reach us via e-mail-address for questions, feedback or ideas.
  • There are many possibilities to get familiar with the widespread port area beforehand. Alternative harbour tours with different themes take place regularly. You can find the dates here. One week ahead of the Harbour Games a bicycle tour by the German bicycle club will go through parts of the harbour and via the Köhlbrand bridge, from where you can see a majority of the port of Hamburg.
  • We will also provide a map of the port of Hamburg for downloading on our website.

Evening event on Friday (June 22)

  • Arrival at Buttclub starting 4 p.m. (Hafenstraße 126, 20359 Hamburg)
  • At 6 p.m. there will be dinner.
  • At 7 p.m. there will be an event with information regarding the harbour and some last information for the action rally. (We are trying to offer simultaneous translation as much as possible.)
  • We recommend being in Hamburg already on Friday and to come to the evening event, especially if you are from out of town.

Information for the action rally on Saturday (June 23)

  • The starting point of the action rally is in the district of Harburg in the south of Hamburg. We will meet at Sauerkrautfabrik, a self-governing cultural project in Harburg (Kleiner Schippsee 22, 21073 Hamburg, near S-Bahn station “Harburg Rathaus”). There you can get last information for the day, coffee and a small breakfast. We will start from Sauerkrautfabrik by bicycle together at 10:00 am (on time). From there we will go to different places in the harbour, especially to companies who profit in different ways from the exploitation of humans and nature. You find a overview of the rallye stops, times and locations below.
  • We are trying to offer simultaneous translation as much as possible during the harbour games. Especially the organizational informations will be translated on site.
  • We will be many and ride together by bike. Therefore please bring your own bicycle on Saturday. We will not leave anyone behind and help people e.g. with problems with their bikes to close the gap on the others.
  • All in all we will cycle 30 to 40 kilometers. Inbetween we will stay a while at the different sites though. Please be prepared to be on the move until late afternoon or early evening.
  • Some of the stops will be reachable with public transportation. We will inform you beforehand so that people without bicycles are able to join us at some of the sites.
  • At all the stops prepared actions with different thematic emphasis, for example speeches, loud protest or creative action will take place.
  • We seek out active participation of all participants. So please bring material to show your protest and mark the different sites as well as prepare contributions or little actions.
  • Compared to marching in a big protest march or joining a demonstration the Harbour Games will be quite challenging. For many people this kind of protest is something new. Therefor come with your friends, be prepared, form affinity groups beforehand, and take care of each other
  • Any questions or need to get in contact? Call us: 0151-20615745 (harbour games info telephone) or follow us at twitter  (@harbourgames_hh)

Rally stops

9:00 a.m. – Kickoff of the action rally / 10:00 a.m. – Start (on time)

  • Meeting at Sauerkrautfabrik, a self-governing cultural project in Harburg. There you can get last information for the day, coffee and a small breakfast.
  • Address of Sauerkrautfabrik: Kleiner Schippsee 22, 21073 Hamburg, near S-Bahn station “Harburg Rathaus”.
  • We will start from Sauerkrautfabrik by bicycle together at 10:00 am (on time).

10:20 a.m. – 1st Rally stop at Cargill

  • Cargill is an importer of soy and palm oil and one of the biggest agricultural and meat corporations in the world. We will stand up for fair-minded agriculture, against animal exploitation and the exploitation of the global south.
  • Address: Seehafenstraße 2, 21079 Hamburg / Public transportation: take bus 241 at 9:56 a.m. from station “Harburg” to “Seehafenbrücke/Amtsgericht” (arrival 10:05 a.m.). From there it is a 10 minute walk to Cargill.

11:45 a.m. – 2nd Rally stop at the coal harbour

  • At the reloading side for coal from all over the world in the port of Hamburg we will show our support for climate justice and the end of fossil energy production.
  • Adress: Rugenberger Damm, 21129 Hamburg / Public transportation: take bis 151 at 11:21 a.m. from station „Wilhelmsburg“ to „Zollamt Waltershof“ (arrivat 11:41 a.m.). Or take Bus 150 from station „Altona“ at 11:02 a.m. to station „BAB-Auffahrt Waltershof“ (arrival 11:23 a.m.) and walk about 1km to Rugenberger Damm.
    ÖPNV: 11:21 Uhr ab S-Bhf. Wilhelmsburg mit Bus 151 bis Zollamt Waltershof (Ankunft 11:41 a.m.). Alternativ 11:

1:00 p.m. – 3rd Rally stop at Moorburger Elbdeich (lunch break)

  • Our lunch break will take place at Wohn- und Kulturprojekt Elbdeich e.V. with information about the resistance against the Altenwerder terminal and the labour conditions in shipping and harbours around the world as well as information on the global fishing industry.
  • Address: Moorburger Elbdeich 249, 21079 Hamburg

2:30 p.m. – 4th Rally stop at coal-fired power plant Moorburg (Vattenfall)

  • We will also protest against “Kraftwerk Moorburg”, the biggest coal-fired power station of northern Germany, run by Vattenfall.
  • Address: Moorburger Schanze 2, 21079 Hamburg.

3:45 Uhr – 5th Rally stop at cruise terminal Steinwerder

  • Against exploitation and climate change: We will carry our protest to the Cruise Center of Hamburg
  • Address: Kronprinzkai, 20457 Hamburg / Public transportation: take bus 256 (in the direction of Steinwerder, Alter Elbtunnel) at 3:31 p.m. from S-Bahn station “Veddel” (west side) to “Argentinienbrücke/Fähre” (arrival 3:39 p.m.)

4:30 p.m. – 6th Rally stop at German Federal Armed Forces navy station, KMW and Blohm + Voss

  • We will protest against war in front of a site of German Federal Armed Forces, located right next to the arms manufacturer KMW (producing amoured fighting vehicles for Erdogans war against Rojava) and Blohm + Voss (warships).
  • Address of the manifestation: Reiherdamm 10, 20457 Hamburg / Public transportation: Take bus 256 (in the direction of Steinwerder, Alter Elbtunnel) at 4:31 p.m. from S-Bahn station “Veddel” (west side) to “Norderloch” (arrival 4:41 p.m.)

5:15 p.m. – 7th Rally stop at C. Steinweg against transportation of nuclear material

  • At the last stop we will protest against the international transportation of nuclear material via the harbour of Hamburg and logistics company C. Steinweg.
  • Address: Süd-West Terminal, Am Kamerunkai 5, 20457 Hamburg / Public transportation: Take bus 256 (in the direction Steinwerder, Alter Elbtunnel) at 5:31 p.m.) from S-Bahn station „Veddel“ (west side) to Kamerunweg (arrivat 5:36 p.m.)

6:30 p.m. – Closing rally at S-Bahn station Veddel

  • Our action rally will come to an end at S-Bahn station Veddel.
  • From there everyone is welcome to join the evening event at “Südpol”).

Evening event after the rally (23 June)

  • Subsequent to the action rally there will be a joint evening event at “Südpol” with some more background information regarding some of the protest sites. Further more we will be able to talk about the day and our experiences and reflect on them together. (We are trying to offer simultaneous translation as much as possible.)
  • Afterwards we will be able to end the day together.
  • Address: Südpol, Süderstraße 112, 20537 Hamburg

Network meeting on Sunday (June 24)

  • On Sunday there will be the possibility to network to reflect on how to continue after the Harbour Games: How could protest regarding the harbour and the collaboration of different social struggles look like in the coming years?

Information for people coming from out of town

  • We will try to provide sleeping accommodations as well as bicycles in case of need. Further information regarding this will be released shortly. Please contact us as soon as possible if you need a place to stay or bicycles.
  • We recommend to plan arriving already on Friday evening, because there will be an evening event with last information on Friday (see above). The action will take up all of Saturday, therefor planning departure on Sunday is best.

Packing list

  • Food & drinks (enough water). We will be on the road the whole day. There will be nothing warm to eat until the evening.
  • Bicycles.
  • Panniers, bike trailer, repair kits, helmet, … You do not necessarily have to bring everything yourself. Speak with your affinity group and help each other.
  • Clothing according to weather, sun protection if necessary.
  • You can dress up if you would like to.
  • Decoration for the route, pennants, banners, chalk, confetti, … – Take a look at the harbour map. (link) To whom would you like to send a message?
  • First aid kits and toilet paper will surely be highly appreciated in case of emergency