Anti-capitalist action rally on 23 June – putting the focus on the port of Hamburg

Coal handling, agricultural industry, arms manufacturers, transportation of nuclear material, neocolonial dumping price exports – these are just some of the many devastating aspects of global capitalist trade, which the port of Hamburg is part of. It is by far the largest German overseas port and a symbol of the globally ruling, deeply unjust system of exploitation, exclusion, expropriation and destruction.

What brings profits to large companies and their stakeholders, destroys livelihoods in other parts of the world, increases global inequality still further and therefore contributes to the reasons for flight and structurally enforced migration. These reasons include the devastations of war zones through the use of arms, economic subjugation that cements destitution and the lack of prospects in entire regions of the world, displacements through e. g. soy and palm-oil plantations, coal, uranium and ore mining, or the ever greater effects of global climate change.

International ports, however, are not only the hubs of global capitalism but they can also be seen as a connecting link of social struggles worldwide. People everywhere are fighting for a fundamentally different type of society, one that is built on solidarity and justice instead of the profit interests of businesses and corporations.

Of course, capitalism will not be overcome by appealing to the moral conscience of consumers or pleading with those in government. As diverse political movements we should not limit our activities to our particular concerns but develop joint perspectives and strategies. This includes focusing on the overall economic structure of social conditions and developing appropriate forms of action.

We are an alliance of groups from different social movements in Hamburg. In June 2018 we will organise the Harbour Games Hamburg and go where the prevailing conditions are consolidated, where corporations and other stakeholders make money from the continuing defacto colonisation and looting of the global south, the disastrous production of energy from nuclear power and coal, from wars or the exploitation of animals and the destruction of nature. We will disrupt the operation of the capitalist utilisation machinery and send signals that things will not remain as they are.

Enter the port, exit capitalism!

On Saturday, 23 June, there will be an action rally with several demonstrations and actions throughout the port area. We will move around on bicycles and by public transport and demonstrate for social and economic justice at different locations while getting to know important economic actors in the port of Hamburg.